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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday unveiled plans to potentially create no-go zones and bans on mass public gatherings binnen bevel to overeenkomst with the depressie. The announcement came after multiple reports that the prime minister had been under intense pressure from within his government to bring forward a full UK lockdown amid surging numbers of cases across the country. Travelling to and from work, but only where this is absolutely necessary and cannot be done from huis. Instructing the public to work from home where possible for at least 12 weeks. Officials expect the virus to spread rapidly across the country within weeks. The disease has gripped almost every country te Western Europe, with the European Parliament planning to cancel overheen 300 events over the next few weeks. The UK government is programma draconian measures to deal with an impending coronavirus outbreak. The government on Monday evening confirmed that if Britain’s aantal coronavirus besmettingen Hoorn situation escalated, it would seek to bolster the National Health Service by asking retired health professionals to be on duty binnen hospitals. However, if the situation escalates and forces the UK government to move to "delay," it will advise people to work from huis and avoid unnecessary travel spil part of a population distancing strategy, government officials said on Tuesday.