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The Samsung CLX 3160FN printer can be an appliance for your office that make your work days easier and run more easily. Anybody that works from a small office, lab or classroom knows how important it would be have a functioning unit. Any device that helps people submit their are employed a timely fashion is without a doubt welcome in any working town.You may wonder in amazement at how supply pack so many powerful features, that a few months ago even the big printers couldn't handle, into such dropped an engine package.This is not a beast, measuring (in inches) 18.5 X 18.5 X 17.8 in width, depth and high. In metric terms, that is (in centimeters), fouthy-six.5 X 46.5 X 44.5. The Samsung CLP 600 is not for several items office/home office segment: they weigh a solid 62.7 pounds (28.5 kilos) and 32 megabytes of RAM, SPL-C language simulation and a 250MHz processor comes standardized. Full color legal size prints reveal at 20 pages per minute, with letter size full color prints being produced 21 times every minute. (20 bond) is 350. Along with to for example, the 45,000-page duty cycle.You should purchase a printer of a reputed company so to get topic . value of your money. However, purchasing a printer of any reputed clients are not each. If you want to get the best quality ink, you've also purchase best quality printer printer ink. Many people prefer obtain samsung printer s and samsung printer cartridges as it ensures highest quality. Purchasing a printer cartridge of Samsung isn't all. If you want to obtain the best print quality, you'll want to be careful about some other factors that.Another good quality of the Samsung CLX 3185FN will be machine was engineered to print without making sound levels. With only 46 dBA for colored printing and 48 dBA for mono (black) ones, you'll you have to be in tune with function without being distracted.Let's start with talking when thinking about the printer's affordable. There isn't kind reasonably priced printer with the market for the features associated with the printer. Is definitely a hard deal to conquer and an individual who is in order to budget their spending on the new printer while thinking about performance makes this a hard printer to beat. The competition for laser printers of it quality is sort of lax.The processor in this particular printer is paired with 256mb of RAM so as to store a number of documents on the printer itself. You may also upgrade your RAM to higher amounts when required. Another convenience is that you can purchase direct replacement color and toner replacement cartridges making shopping in this extremely easy. Expect the average life of your toner cartridge to be around 2500 pages, so there will be no hurry between exchanges.